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Is there anything Swifties can’t do? In this episode, I chat with Victoria Morton — a marketer by day and Taylor Swift dance party host by night. She co-founded TSwift Dance Party CA and offers a safe space for Swifties to scream the lyrics on the dance floor.

Hear the story of how Victoria turned her passion for Taylor’s discography into a community of fellow fans.

“With Taylor, we’ve had sort of eras to our branding, so our initial branding was very much based off the Red album. It was like red and gold. And then for the summer we sort of transitioned into our cool summer era where we had a lot of pastel, pink and blue, and then as soon as midnights came out, we were like, redoing everything.”

– Victoria Morton

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • How TSwift Dance Party CA planned their first event
  • The ins-and-outs of promoting sold-out dance parties
  • How the team has used timely Taylor Swift news to market and update their events
  • The times Taylor Swift reacted to TSwift Dance Party content on TikTok
  • The surprising difference between marketing on TikTok vs. Instagram
  • How TSwift Dance Party CA is supporting various causes

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