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Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where we sit down with Joe Ray, Marketing and Experience Manager at Lighthouse Technology Services, to discuss LinkedIn’s 20th anniversary and how it has remained the OG of social media platforms.

We start by discussing some of the misconceptions people may have about LinkedIn, and Joe shares his experiences on the platform, highlighting why it is a social platform he has been prioritizing and what he has gained from it.

Next, we delve into who LinkedIn is right for and what kind of goals you should have to make the most of the platform. Joe also talks about how he has experimented on LinkedIn, what formats and kinds of posts have performed well, and whether LinkedIn is as formal or stuffy as people may think it is.

We also touch on the topic of imposter syndrome on LinkedIn and what Joe would say to someone who is either new in their role or is new to LinkedIn and may question what to publish.

“We want recruiters to know that we’re trustworthy people, but we want them to know us as humans as well. And LinkedIn’s becoming a channel where we can do that really well.

– Joe Ray, Marketing & Experience Manager

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Misconceptions people may have about LinkedIn
  • Joe’s experiences on LinkedIn and why he prioritizes the platform
  • Who LinkedIn is right for and what kind of goals you should have
  • Experimenting on LinkedIn and the formats/posts that perform well
  • Whether LinkedIn is as formal or stuffy as people may think
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome on LinkedIn
  • The advantages of LinkedIn and what it does better than other platforms
  • LinkedIn Dont’s to be aware of


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