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In this episode, we have an exciting interview with Jennifer Davies and Kira Siqueiros, the digital team from the City of Las Vegas. They share behind-the-scenes insights, revealing the tactics they used to capture the attention of Swifties and create a citywide celebration during her stop on the Eras Tour.

From transforming iconic landmarks to engaging with fans on social media, we explore how cities like Las Vegas tailored their campaigns to captivate both locals and tourists. Discover the creativity, authenticity, and budget-friendly approaches that left a lasting impression.

Join us as we learn how this campaign unfolded and discover how cities worldwide are riding the Swift wave to create unforgettable experiences. Get ready to be swept away by the marketing magic unleashed for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour!

“For an organization like us, we would never have the budget to compete in something like that. And thanks to an entirely organic campaign, we reached over two and a half million people, so that was huge for our team.”

– Jennifer Davies

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • How the digital team prepped their Taylor Swift Eras Tour campaign
  • The specific ways they sparked excitement on the Las Vegas strip and on social media
  • The perfect Taylor Swift lyric that led to a viral tweet
  • How the city marketed to both locals and tourists
  • The misconceptions about government social media
  • Why Taylor Swift’s tour is such an opportunity for cities across the country
  • What defined success for this campaign and what the city is planning for next…

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