about Brianne

brand builder, marketing instructor,
pop culture writer, podcaster, boy band fangirl

Do you have a childhood memory that shaped your future?

I didn’t know it at the time, but my weekly trips to the mall during my free-spirited preteen years influenced my career aspirations. 

With my $20 allowance, I’d buy myself a new CD and a magazine like Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, or Bop. These magazines absolutely fascinated me.

But it wasn’t just the hunky heartthrobs and fun quizzes that made me love these magazines. I pored over the the ads, colors, layouts, photography, graphics, and copywriting.

That fangirl grew up to earn a bachelor’s in advertising and public relations and a master’s in mass communication. I’ve spent more than a decade studying, teaching, and working in marketing and media.

Building Fellow Fanatics

Today, I coach individuals and brands on how to use the power of content to turn ordinary customers into passionate superfans. The result is a dedicated audience who will grow your business and remain loyal for life!

But my coaching style isn’t rigid or something you can find out of a textbook. Instead, I find inspiration and takeaways from music, movies, and moments in popular culture, past and present.

Cliffs Notes

  • Teaches lead generation, advertising, social media, and branding for the University of Florida
  • Ten+ years of experience in marketing for industries including nonprofit, franchise, real estate, and fitness/wellness
  • Owns a marketing consultancy and brand development agency called Twelve Stories Up
  • Delivers workshops and keynotes on lead generation, content marketing, and personal/corporate branding
  • Runs a blog and podcast called Making the Brand which shares marketing lessons derived from pop culture
  • Offers online courses to teach you how to market your brand and build an audience
  • Hosts a weekly Twitter discussion called #PopChat about the intersection between marketing and pop culture




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