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Get ready to experience the ultimate Barbie takeover in this episode! s I sit down with the brand strategist, Moshe Isaacian, whose tweet about the 100+ marketing activations for the upcoming Barbie movie went mega viral

From being an astronaut to a veterinarian, Barbie already does it all, but now she’s everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE! In this podcast, we’ll discuss Barbie’s history, exploring how this iconic brand has transcended generations. We’ll also dive into Barbie’s undeniable impact on pop culture.

Learn how Barbie’s 100+ brand activations are popping up in the most unexpected places, and how they’ve got us all buzzing with excitement!

So, whether you’re a Barbie fanatic or simply love a good marketing spectacle, tune in as we celebrate all things Barbie.

“They’ve really stretched what Barbie stands for. It’s not just the doll. It’s the universe that Barbie lives in, and they’ve made it very true to life. “

– Moshe Isaacian

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Barbie’s massive takeover discussed with brand strategist Moshe Isaacian.
  • Moshe Isaacian’s viral tweet about 100+ marketing activations for the upcoming Barbie movie.
  • Barbie’s diverse roles from astronaut to veterinarian, now with a ubiquitous presence.
  • Exploring Barbie’s history and how it has remained iconic across generations.
  • Understanding Barbie’s significant influence on pop culture.
  • Insight into the 100+ brand activations appearing unexpectedly and generating excitement.
  • Invitation to tune in, whether a Barbie enthusiast or interested in marketing spectacles, to celebrate all things Barbie.

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