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On this episode of the Making the Brand podcast, we talk with Dhruv Patel, founder of Celebrity Packaged Goods, a comprehensive directory of celebrity brands. We dive into his passion for celebrity branding and what inspired him to create a platform that highlights the best and brightest in the industry. We also discuss how marketing a celebrity brand differs from other brands and the trends he has observed in the space. Dhruv shares his insights on which industries lend themselves well to celebrity branding and the potential drawbacks that come with it. We also explore the role of social media in promoting celebrity brands and what makes a brand feel authentic. Tune in to discover which celebrity brands are making waves and why!

“We assume that celebrities are just stupid. They’re not. They’re probably some of the most brilliant business people that you’ll ever run into.And they’re not afraid to do the work. Obviously not every one of them is the same, but you will find celebrities that will go to bat for you if you start a business. And that is a very, very special thing.

– Dhruv Patel of Celebrity Packaged Goods

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Dhruv’s passion for celebrity branding and what inspired him to create Celebrity Packaged Goods
  • The differences between marketing a celebrity brand versus a non-celebrity brand
  • Trends and insights in the celebrity branding space
  • Industries that work well with celebrity branding and potential drawbacks
  • How celebrities use social media to promote their brands
  • What makes a celebrity brand feel authentic
  • Notable and successful celebrity brands in the industry right now


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