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Liz Wilcox is a diehard *NSYNC fangirl AND email marketing expert. She dropped some actionable takeaways to help you turn your email subscribers into friends who will gladly become your customers!

Hear her share the biggest advantage small businesses have, as well as the one simple section you can add to your emails RIGHT NOW to boost conversions. She also shares the surprising difference between emails and newsletters.

I found myself taking notes throughout this episode. For more of Liz’s wisdom, be sure to follow her, subscribe to her email list, and even consider joining her incredible email marketing membership. She is truly the Fresh Princess of Email!

“Coca-Cola, Nike, all these giant brands… they spend millions of dollars trying to appear human. You ARE human, you just gotta be you!”

– Liz Wilcox

Listen to the episode below:

In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • The power of email and newsletters for any creator or business
  • Liz’s framework for how to get people to know, like, and trust you
  • How to turn followers into subscribers and into customers
  • The difference between email and newsletters
  • The simple email section to include in your welcome sequence to inspire more conversions
  • How to handle unsubscribes
  • Why consistency matters with email marketing

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