Our #PopChat discussion this week talked about brand collaborations, data, brand inconsistency, perfection, and more.

All questions were based on these pop culture highlights:


#PopChat Questions

Everyone who participates in #PopChat is just brilliant! Below, I’ve compiled a few answers to each question. To view the full chat, check out this Twitter moment!

Q1: Speaking of cookies, Lady Gaga is partnering with Oreo for special edition cookies inspired by her Chromatica-album. What is a marketing takeaway from this collaboration?





Q2: In three words, describe what makes #SpotifyWrapped so special. 





Q3: As part of his media strategy, Harry Styles keeps a low profile most of the year. His interviews are sporadic and typically coincide with a big launch. What can be the advantages of inconsistency?





Q4: People magazine released their People of the Year. Who is a celebrity or leader who you feel made an impact in 2020 and how?





Q5: Ryan Reynolds launched a campaign for Match called “Match Made in Hell”. It featured a sneak peek of Taylor Swift’s new recording of “Love Story”. Why does everything Ryan and Taylor touch turn to gold?





Q6: In an interview with Adweek, Paris Hilton said she used to portray a perfect life, but telling her true story has freed her and given her new purpose. What advice would you give to someone who tries to portray perfection online?






Q7: A New York Times article said late singer Selena bonded with her fans by being approachable, no matter how famous she became. How do you think celebrities conveyed approachability before social media?




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