Our #PopChat discussion this week talked about Perez Hilton, tabloid culture, brand rivalries, fan criticism, tattoos, and reboots.

All questions were based on these pop culture highlights:


#PopChat Questions

Everyone who participates in #PopChat is just brilliant! Below, I’ve compiled a few answers to each question. To view the full chat, check out this Twitter moment!

Q1: Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was banned from TikTok after posting negative comments on videos from Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, etc. Many young users petitioned to remove him. Are we becoming less tolerant of toxicity on social media? Why or why not?





Q2: How has social media changed tabloid culture and celebrity gossip?





Q3: Christina Aguilera turns 40 today! Yet she is still often compared to Britney Spears. How can people or brands overcome constant comparison and build their own loyal audiences?






Q4: After music artist Lizzo posted videos about a juice cleanse, fans accused her of buying into diet culture and no longer promoting body positivity. When does a fan or customer’s feedback cross a line?





Q5: A new movie trailer for ‘Palmer’ starring Justin Timberlake was just released. Who is another celebrity who successfully pivoted to acting? What makes or breaks this transition?





Q6: Comedian Pete Davidson is supposedly having all of his tattoos removed. Do you consider tattoos part of someone’s personal brand? Why or why not?






Q7: After much anticipation, disappointed Lizzie McGuire fans learned a reboot isn’t happening after all. How should brands handle it when they overpromise and underdeliver?





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