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Move over, Wendy’s! You’re not the only social media account with a witty and memorable voice. In fact, my favorite brand on Twitter isn’t a Fortune 500 company… it’s the Oviedo Mall out of central Florida. You’ve got to follow their tweets!Β 

I had the chance to chat with the person behind Oviedo Mall’s social media, Josh Gunderson. When he first started managing the brand account, he realized there was so much potential to be creative. He proves that running social media doesn’t mean you have to constantly promote sales, offers, and products. You can actually build a community and inspire people to be a part of it. AND have a little fun.

Dubbed “The Strangest Mall in Florida” by “some guy with a YouTube channel, Josh leans into humor and Oviedo Mall’s unique reputation to bring the brand to life. I also love how he takes risks and pokes fun at the brand’s expense.

He also shares how every social media manager can measure their impact and prove their content is making a difference.

“Making people laugh feels really good, and knowing that there’s people out there that turn to a random mall Twitter for some smiles.”

– Josh Gunderson

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • ’90s mall culture
  • Life as a social media manager
  • The importance of having a brand voice on social media
  • Humor and comedy in marketing
  • How to measure the impact of social media posts
  • Cyber-bullying prevention

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