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In this episode, social media pro Codi Dantu-Johnson shares five marketing lessons we can learn from Missy Elliott… and these lessons are so great that even Missy Elliott herself agreed! Codi also shares some the hard truths about social media right now, as well as why we both are actually having fun on LinkedIn.

Codi also explains why having a sassy social media account (hey Wendy’s!) isn’t a strategy that can work for every brand.

“Missy Elliott is consistent across the board, not just with music but with her fashion sense as well. I think that’s a big differentiator for herself. The big gold hoops… its a Missy thing.”

– Codi Dantu-Johnson

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • What inspired Codi to write about Missy Elliott’s impact
  • How to define your positioning as a brand
  • The importance of being bold with your marketing
  • Why consistency matters
  • How to stay true to you when building your brand
  • Soft skills every social media manager should have
  • The future of user-generated content

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