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Kevin Graham manages social media for MANSCAPED โ€” a men’s grooming company that sells… ball trimmers.

Even as a woman who is clearly not the target user, I can’t help but love MANSCAPED’s content. You’ve probably seen their hilarious ads with Pete Davidson, as well as some of the ways they push boundaries on their Twitter account.

Hear Kevin share how he uses creativity, pop culture, and some occasional NSFW humor to bring the brand to life.

“You’re the one communicating with your audience every day. You understand what they like and know the trends better than most.”

– Kevin Graham

Listen to the episode below:

In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Why taking risks is often worth it when building a brand
  • The importance of trusting your social media manager
  • Understanding when a NSFW tweet may be too far or just right!
  • How MANSCAPED uses humor and memes to connect with their audience
  • What other brands and social media managers can learn from MANSCAPED

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