Let’s face it — cash is always a crowd-pleasing gift, but stuffing it in a boring envelope is not a fun experience neither for the gift-giver nor the recipient.

But Twitter user, @TwoClawsMedia found a way to solve this problem and add even more joy to Christmas gift-giving.

Donnachaidha O’Chionnaigh fired up Photoshop and got to work creating dazzling packaging to spruce up your cash gift. Check out his cash packaging designs below!

A Lesson for Creators & Dreamers

At the time of this post, @TwoClawsMedia has fewer than 2,000 followers, but his post has been shared thousands and thousands of times. This is simply because he saw a problem, found a clever way to solve it, and most importantly, decided to share it with others.

You don’t have to have the biggest following, best credentials, or decades of experience for your work to get noticed. You just have to do great work and be willing to share it publicly.

Pushing through fear and sharing your creations or expertise with others has the potential to open endless doors for you.

I don’t know what is in store for this brilliant designer, but I hope it’s something that earns him a lot of cash!

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