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No matter your relationship status, you need to hear this episode with Michael Kaye of the online dating app, OkCupid!
Michael is the Head of Global Communications and is sharing the brilliant ways they use data and insights to engage their app users.

OkCupid is one of the most engaging brands I’ve ever seen online! And they’ve launched incredibly innovative campaigns over the years. I may not be looking for love, but I can’t help but be a fan of how OkCupid is standing out among all the other dating apps out there.

Psst… Michael also shares a special gift if you’re an OkCupid user or want to download the app! ๐Ÿ‘€

“It’s okay to take a break from dating. If you’re not in the headspace to be dating, either delete the app or pause your account, and then come back to it when you’re feeling refreshed.”

– Michael Kaye

Making the Brand is the perfect fusion of your favorite marketing and pop culture podcast. Listen to the episode below:

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • The stigmas of online dating and how OkCupid changes the narrative
  • OkCupid’s masterful use of pop culture and trending topics to spark social conversations
  • The surprising trends that separate millennial daters and Gen Z
  • How OkCupid incorporates storytelling and successful love stories into their messaging
  • Strategies for standing out against the competition

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