Our #PopChat discussion this week fostered important conversations about swift content creation, consistency, enhancing experiences, and how brands can leverage the power of music.

All questions were based on these pop culture highlights:


#PopChat Questions

Everyone who participates in #PopChat is just brilliant! Below, I’ve compiled a few answers to each question. To view the full chat, check out this Twitter moment! 

Q1: The Saturday Night Live wardrobe team recreated Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech outfit within 85 minutes before broadcasting. 

What is your best content creation tip when speed is a factor?



Q2: We lost a legend on Sunday — beloved Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek.

What is a business or life we can learn from Alex?


Q3: Peloton announced a partnership with Beyoncé. 

How can any brand leverage the power of music to elevate their experience?


Q4: With her latest album ‘Positions’, Ariana Grande has had the fastest accumulation of three No. 1 albums ever by a woman. 

Why is consistency so important for artists and creators? 


Q5: With Mariah Carey’s help, Amazon launched a new feature, Audible Live. Readers can connect directly with authors during a live interview.

How do you predict this experience could affect the book industry?



Q6: Considering how “different” 2020 has been, YouTube decided not to do their annual Rewind video recap. 

Was this the right move or a missed opportunity? 


Q7: The Netflix miniseries, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is igniting the public’s interest in chess.

How can established chess community members capitalize on this surge in popularity?  



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