There’s a reason why they call it your web address! Think of your website’s URL as your home on the web. Yes, we all have our social profiles, but we don’t own those channels. For metaphor’s sake, we rent that space. That means there are limitations and restrictions. ??‍♀️

When you have your own website, you OWN your website. You are in control of your brand and have put a stake in the ground in the online world. You’ve made a space for yourself. ??

It blows my mind to see so few people own their online presence. So as a first step to building your online brand, go register a domain using your first and last name. Your name is yours to protect! It’s worth the few dollars to invest in yourself.

There are countless domain registrars out there, but my favorite is @godaddy. Secure your domain so you can build it into something amazing later! ?

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