I want to thank Mel Robbins for sharing this quote in her book, The 5 Second Rule.

“To begin, begin.”

Only three words, but it is a huge message that I needed to hear.

Several months ago, I quit my steady corporate job. It was taking a toll on me and I realized I wanted something more out of my life.

Figuring out what “something more” really means has required months of self-exploration and discovery. What was next for me?

I picked up some freelancing projects here and there, but I still wasn’t entirely fulfilled. It wasn’t until I started teaching an online course for the University of Florida about branding and social media when it all clicked for me.

In my course, I help my students build their own personal brands based on something they LOVE! The irony is that I’m helping them do some much-needed self-discovery too. In my class, I have passionate writers, musicians, real estate agents, fashionistas, working mothers, organizational gurus, and so many more with talents, ideas, and niches that MUST be shared with the world! Yet they barely had an online presence.

That’s when I realized a passion of my own: empowering others with the confidence and skills to share their thoughts and ideas on a bigger scale.

My students started getting out of their comfort zones producing content, building websites, and making a name for themselves on the web. And it brought me so much joy to see them blossom.

So here I am, taking my own advice. My students helped me realize that I want my own brand and existence to be about helping other people believe that they have something important to say. To stop burying their ideas. To hit post. To publish. To build their own brand.

As a branding guru, you can imagine the pressure I put on myself for perfection, but that has been holding me back. Perfection led me to procrastination. I preach to my students all the time to just get out of their heads and create! So rather than waiting for everything to be perfect, here goes nothing…

I’m just beginning. And you should too. I want to help you amplify your voice online. What is a passion that you have inside of your heart that you want to put out there? I want to know!

“If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life.”

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