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Did you know 43.46 MILLION vinyl albums were sold in 2022?!

In this episode, I chat with Nick Alt, the CEO and founder of VNYL โ€” a vinyl record membership club that sends uniquely curated music just for you!

Why have we seen a huge resurgence in this music pastime? Nick says: “Vinyl is a tangible format… it’s nostalgic, it’s much more appealing, deserving of attention than just purely listening to music online.”

Hear Nick share his inspiration for starting VNYL (spoiler: it started thanks to his first job working in a record shop!), why we’re so obsessed with nostalgia, and the power of a subscription model to nurture a loyal audience for your business. We also discuss how music discovery has changed over the years, and how influencers are inspiring all of us to spin records.

Check out VNYL.org to create your unique music profile! It syncs with your Spotify account so you can discover vinyl records that fit your vibe. Use this link to get 50% off your first month of 3 records!

P.S. passionate about music? VNYL is hiring! Hear more about the opportunities around the 43:00 minute mark ๐Ÿ‘€

“When I’m listening to music on a device, I’m constantly getting distracted with a push notification or some other app that’s calling my attention and taking me out of the experience. But on vinyl, even if it’s just background, the uninterruption is so huge for me, to just have it on a physical format.”

– Nick Alt

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Why we have seen a resurgence in vinyl records
  • How our music discovery habits have changed over the years
  • The ways vinyl records can set a vibe and boost your mood
  • The impact of creators and influencers on VNYL
  • The benefits of experiencing music on vinyl vs. digital streaming
  • How a subscription or membership model can help you build your business and audience

Links from the episode:

  • Visit VNYL’s website to get your first month at only $19.99 for 3 records curated just for you!

VNYL Get your first month at $19.99

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