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Every fandom has its community where they go to connect with other fans to talk about their favorite thing. If you’re a Backstreet Boys fan, you have BSB Fangirls! It is the ultimate resource for Backstreet Boys news, updates, and commentary, past and present!

In this episode, I’m chatting with Karah-Leigh Hancock, who is the owner of the BSB Fangirls community and also the author of an upcoming book celebrating BSB’s 30-year legacy. And they’re still going strong!

Karah also shares her favorite memories as a Backstreet Boys fan and how her love of the boy band landed her a job and a book deal.

Pre-order your copy here! The book drops on April 11th.

“You’re a fan regardless if you’ve done a VIP or a haven’t done a VIP. I try to make the website and community as a whole inclusive for those types of people because I’ve been there.”

– Karah-Leigh Hancock

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In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Building community through a shared love of pop culture
  • How to make people feel welcome to join your community
  • The impact of online friendships
  • Stigmas fangirls face
  • The Backstreet Boys’ 30-year legacy
  • Karah’s new book: Backstreet Boys 30-Year Anniversary Celebration
  • How Karah landed a book deal thanks to her personal brand!

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