Ryan Reynolds is certainly a successful fixture in popular culture. You may love him for his movies, his looks, or his charm, but I love him for something more: his creative genius.

aviation gin commercial

In February 2018, Ryan (yes, I’ve decided to affectionately call him by just his first name) acquired a stake in the liquor brand, Aviation American Gin. Alongside a small but mighty marketing team, he has helped take the company to new heights with some of the most clever advertising and social media campaigns we’ve seen in a long time.

Who could forget their incredibly swift move when they hired the infamous Peloton wife for a commercial?


But the brilliant marketing hasn’t stopped there. Fast Company named Aviation Gin one of the most innovative brands of 2020, in large part to their quick responses to pop culture moments.

Marketing Aviation Gin: From the People Behind the Brand

On the latest episode of the Making the Brand podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Adrian Molina, the senior brand manager behind Aviation Gin, and social media expert and professor, Dr. Karen Freberg.

It turns out that other companies should be taking notes on what Aviation Gin is doing. So pour yourself a negroni (Ryan’s favorite drink!) and listen in to hear the method to their madness.


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