The next time you think about discounting your products, think of Taylor Swift.

Today, her new album, Lover, dropped, and she has people all over the world lining up outside brick-and-mortar Target stores to pick up not one, not two, not three, but all FOUR deluxe editions. And what you get is not just a CD — fans receive a behind-the-scenes look at Taylor’s handwritten journal entries that show the early drafts of her most well-known anthems. A total must-have for any true Swiftie!

Lover is already shattering records, which is no surprise. Taylor Swift and her team have implemented a fully integrated marketing campaign leading up to and after its release. From social media, television appearances, guerrilla marketing, music video premieres, special events, merchandise, email blasts, live shows, etc., Taylor has left no box unchecked.

Rather than discounting her records, Taylor Swift knows her worth and stands behind what she creates. She listens to her fans, takes us on an experience, and delivers a product that we love, respect, and actually look forward to paying for year after year. That’s brand loyalty.

Taylor Swift is not what the media always portrays. This woman is an incredibly talented songwriter and a powerhouse of a brand. We all can learn from her.

Stay tuned for her sold out tour, coming soon.

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